The basics first..

The basics first...

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The basics first..

“Virtualization is a journey and not a project”

This is something that I read while looking for training materials. And I thought, yeah, its kinda true.isnt it? Over my  past 5 years of IT experience I have come across various types and forms of virtualization .Most common one is ofcourse Server virtualization. But desktop virtualization, Application virtualization, network..Well, there is almost nothing left that is not virtualized.

So what exactly is the hype all about? Virtualization is self explanatory. Turn anything physical into virtual and there you go. Whoa..Whoa..but how?? Well, we have many tools available in this market.Major players are ofcourse VMware,Hyper V, Citric Xen etc etc..You have an old out of warranty physical server? No worries..convert it to a Virtual machine(VM) in any of the above solutions.No need to start from the scratch..And yes, your virtualization solution can hold many such Virtual machines like this..So there is no rush to buy a new physical server when you need to host a new application…Create a new VM!!! Isnt it cool?? In effect a physical machine can hold multiple independent VMs . And your expense would be the cost of maintaining a single Server

If I go about the benefits of virtualization, I can go pages. So I will leave it to you to find out. This is just a sort of intro for the sake of it. Among the virtualization solutions my personal favourite is VMware. Their latest offering  is called vSphere 5. From my next blog onwards I will be concentrating on that.So watch this space for more 🙂

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